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Sunshine Factory in Basel for Chemspec Europe 2016

Chemspec Europe held in 1st, June, Basel, Switzerland. This annual exhibition will be held in main chemical city from Europe. By 2016, already has 30-year history.
Switzerland locates in south centural of Europe, with neighboring countries Austria, Italy, France, Germany and Liechtenstein, also it called Heart of Europe. Chemistry is the second pillar industry in switzerland, counts 3.3% of GNP, total 62600 staffs involve in this industry. As we know, medical and chemistry are core economics sources in Basel, many industry gaints set their HQ here, Roche, Novartis, CIBA, etc. With the entering by more and more famous comprises, nowadays, Basel is becoming a global biological and life-science center, functioning as technical bridge which link Switzerland to the whole world.
                                                         Mr. Zhou, CEO of Sunshine Factory with his teams in Basel
Many worldwide famous company take part in Chemspec Europe 2016. BASF, ConocoPhilips, Evonik-Degussa, Lanxess, Solvay, their participatence make this year Chemspec more than chemical feast.
During Chemspec, other Seminars and conferences organized at the same time. Including EFCG protective of plants and fine chemical summit, RSC special chemicals seminar, REACH legislation forum, etc. Many participants attracted by such professional summits.

                                                                                 Sunshine people with their clients

Over 400 companies join 2016 Chemspec Europe, during two-day exhibition, more than 9,000 attendees show up in Basel, ranks highest compared with last decade. Owe to the Geographical advantages and rich phosphate sources, Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd enjoy the great popularity amoung the participants, high tech, stable quality of products catch many visitors’ sight. Several projects and deals discussions are ongoing on sight the event. It is beyond argument Sunshine Factory will reach higher milestone in the near future. Insisting strict quality control, good after-services, Sunshine Factory will always treat clients’ needs as goals. Put trust on us, and we will show you a good return!