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Zirconium Phosphateí»s new application in petrochemical industry.

17th June, Sunshine Factory welcomed clients from Kazakhstan, four C-level person from famous  interprise expertised in chemical visited Sunshine’s latest production line for zirconium phosphate.

Mr. Orumbayev, the CEO of CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS, showed great interest in using zirconium phosphate in their catalyst production. CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS based in Alma Ata, the capital of Kazakhstan, mainly dealing with petrochemical production and trading. As it known to us, the storage amount of petro ranks 9th worldwide, own to the rich petro resources, many companies come out doing business related to petro industry.  

As one of leading petrochemical companies from Kazakhstan, the aim for Mr. Orumbayev this trip is to have a better understanding towards zirconium phosphate’s chemical capacity, also Mr. Orumbayev indicated that zirconium phosphate is a indeed material for his company using in laboratory catalyst. He show his desire the reaction between zirconium phosphate and glycerinum to chieve high production of acrolein.

Two-day visiting impressed Mr. Orumbayev and his colleagues. Sunshine Factory’s mature technical and passionate sales team give them a wonderful product intro, whatever in applications, question-answering, prospect of zirconium phosphate.

Its a milestone for Sunshine Factory’s product spreading, opening a totally new page that zirconium phosphate used in petrochemical industry.