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Big data, do great help to build the selling nets of zirconium phosphate

Dataas it known to all, becoming a key factor penetrates itself in every industry and people’s lives. The research and application of data, indicate a new wave of production growing, comsumers’ daily life will be better.
“Big Data” widely used in physics, biology, autecology, military, finance, telecommunication, etc, it becomes a hotter topic with the development of internet.

Currently, Big Data attracts more and more people’s attention, and its market share grows, including E-commercial, O2O, Logistic delivery. Once enterprises choose big data as analysis tool, they will have a high percentage conquering new potential business chance, acknowledging brand-new operation model. Most of comsumers get benefits from the core of big data in purchasing judgement, prediction of production, accurate market selling.
19:00, 28th June, staffs of Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd and KKR Finance attended a wonderful brain storm, hosted by Mr. Yang, the expert of big data, Yang’s passionate and reasonalable lesson impressed everybody on sight.

During the two-hour lesson, Mr. Yang let staffs know the basic theory, the core of big data is normal distributes. This explaination make staffs know big data more clearly.

Sunshine Factory nowdays keeps quick pace with big data tendency, build worldwide selling nets of zirconium phosphate, a high effective material can be applied in hemodialysis, water treatment and catalyst industry. In the near future, with the usage of big data, it is beyond argument that zirconium phosphate will take more and more market shares, both in overseas and domestic markets.