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Zirconium phosphate spreads its application field again--Sunshine Factory build strategy corporation with Sichuan university and East China University of Science and Technology

Because of the unique layered-structure and adsorptive capacity, zirconium phosphate is well known to poeple as a popular renal dialysis material. Recently, with more and more zirconium phosphate’s application technology becoming mature, Sunshine Factory’s shining product-zirconium phosphate proved to be used in more industries.

Nowadays, Sunshine Factory get in touch with East China University of Science and Technology, the patent owner of “The application of zirconium phosphate as catalyst in glycerine extracting acrolein”, both sides reaching an agreement on transforming the scientific theory into productivity, also aiming the full utilization of zirconium phosphate’s stable reaction capacity, they having a further discussion and analysis.
Meanwhile, Kazakhstan, as a energy gaint around the world, expertised in co-products of petro. Last month, one of leading petrochemical companies from Kazakhstan visited our factory, successfully opened the new application of zirconium phosphate in petrochemical industry. Zirconium phosphate solves the issue--extract from glycerine greatly to some degree. Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd, as the pioneer manufacturing zirconium phosphate, not only specialized in prodduction tech also famous for its cost-effective price and strict quality control. The corporation with Kazakhstan client will be around the cornor, Sunshine Factory and Kazakhstan petrochemical company will hold a formal business negotiation to have a deeper idea exchange about production technology.

Besides the excellent performance in petrochemical industry, zirconium phosphate also proved to be practical in water treatment industry. July 9th, 2016, PHD Liu from Sichuan university arrived at Sunshine Factory to have a better understanding about production technology of zirconium phosphate. Cause of the its acid and alkality resistance, zirconium phosphate widely used in water treatment field.

During the two-day visiting, professor Liu communicated with the CTO of Sunshine Factory, after the careful analysis and discussion about zirconium phosphate’s application, both of them gave the conclusion, zirconium phosphate will have wider application field in the future. Meanwhile, Ms Ada, the GM of Sunshine Factory indicated all the visitors the blueprint of Factory, including the construction and production stratagy.