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The opening of mobile internet age--Sunshine Factory Co., Ltds mobile official website come out

It is beyond argument that the invention of the computer bring us into the information age. With the signals information data, spread of information, speed of dealing information grows in a dramatic pace. In nowadays, the mobile internet build the link between people and information. During 2012~2013, the average time people use PC per day lower than before, while the time people use mobile methods per day much longer, from 0.95h to 1.65h. Mobile social network make it possible for people to communicate, share, exchange thoughts at the same time regardless of the geographical factor.

Mr. Gu, the researcher of China academy of Science indicates, the key factors influence a company’s core competitiveness changing a lot in mobile information age. The way for traditional industries’ survival is to embrace the mobile internet, know it and innovate effective strategy.

Under such tendency, how to seize the opportunity to get on the mobile internet express is the goal for Sunshine Factory. With several month’s preparation, August 1st, 2016, Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd’s mobile official website come out.

Sunshine Factory’s new mobile website, stands for professional attitude towards clients, always post the best quality product to the market. This website has muti-functions, including the intro of products, online comments, order searching, shipments, etc. More functions are waiting for your experiencing. Sunshine’s every client can know products and company quite clearly, it will be much easier for both sides to do business.

http:/www.yaolongchem.com, the born of our official site means the opening of Sunshine Factory into the mobile internet. With Sunshine staffs’ serious quality control process and professional attitude when treating clients, the future is attractive and bright. Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd, aiming to be the leading in Chinese chemical industry, and, we are already on the way!