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The launching of Sunshine Factorys overseas legal preparation work

August 11th, 2016, this is a memorable day for all Sunshine Factory’s staffs, cause the launching of legal preparation work. As strategy partner, Sichuan Justitia Law Firm take response for the negotiate with the overseas lawyer delegates, clear the legal affairs. The historical moment will sweep the barrier for Sunshine Factory’s future road.


We all know that’s not easy for a company to list published, especially in abroad stock exchange. So law firm acts the role to balance the difference between capital markets home and abroad, assist company to know the capital rules, and ensure company operate legally under local capital market’s strict supervision.    

                                                 Two Sides Managing Directors are signing the corporation contract

Sichuan Justitia Law Firm is an expert with many years professional experience in program investing, reset of property, company consulting, etc. This is why Sunshine Factory will choose JUSTITIA as partner. We strongly believed that, with the help of responsible and reliable law services, Sunshine Factory’s high-develop way will become more legal and formal. No one doubt that it will more and more bright and easy for Sunshine Factory’s published listing.