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Zirconium Phosphate for catalyst usage gets strongly supports from East China University of Science and Technology

20th,September, Ms. Wei, the general manager of Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd met with PHD Mr.Hou in East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai. They have a deep and professional negotiation towards the zirconium phosphate application in catalyst industry. During the one day meeting, professor Hou shared his idea that, the future of zirconium phosphate widely used in catalyst field is quite optimistic. While the tradition alternatives of zirconium phosphate will fade out of the market.Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd, as a professional manufacturer for ZrP, for sure will lead the market tendency and accounts more market shares in the near future competition.

The one day discussion about the catalyst application of zirconium phosphate is fruitful. In the lab, Mr. Hou did some careful and accurate experiment along with his colleague, showed us the real possibility how zirconium phosphate use in catalyst.From technical,theory angle, it was practical. From production angle, Sunshine’s mature equipment and technology, we have the ability to transfer the theory into productive force.Being the leading new, cost-effective, environmental chemical manufacturer, is all Sunshine Factory staff’s ultimate goal.

Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd is a company more focusing the insight of social responsibility. Contributing to scientific research also practical production. Sunshine Factory always treat clients’ needs as their motivation to do better.