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Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd highly appreciated by Ministry of Commerce,Mianzhu

21st, Sep, Mr. Li, the deputy director of ministry of commerce from Mianzhu visited Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd, had a deeply understand of the capacity of zirconium phosphate, along with the market share and growing tendency. Mr. Li pointed out, zirconium phosphate will take various fields in the future with accurate market strategy. Meanwhile, he stressed that from government side, more policies will shift to Sunshine Factory, both from technical and production sides.
Mr. Zhou, the CEO of Sunshine Factory accompanied Mr. Li inspected the latest production line of zirconium phosphate. During the visiting, Mr. Li thought highly of the production control and method. In the 2-hour meeting, Mr. Zhou and Ms. Wei(General Manager of Sunshine Factory) made a detailed report from foreign sales, widen scale of plant, year target, totally three aspects. This report definitely showed Sunshine staff’s determination and ambition.

Mr. Li showed his point of view, Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd is the leading enterprise in mature production technology of zirconium phosphate, not only in China, also will act as a giant in zirconium phosphate industry the whole world. So from different angles and aspects, governmental supports will assist Sunshine Factory. Like the import allowance, expo bonus, technical assistance.
At the same time, Mr. Zhou appreciated Mr. Li’S strongly support. And indicated, under such bright circumstance( Sunshine Factory own mature technology and Mianzhu governmental supports ), keep researching the production of zirconium phosphate, broaden the application fields of ZrP, more focusing on the sales, always on the way to become the standard-maker in zirconium phosphate industry.