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Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd negotiated ZrP applications with expert from university

18th, October, Miss Wei, the general manager of Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd, along with foreign trade team met with professor Zhao, the expert mainly dealing with polymer product.The topic is for the future application of Zirconium Phosphate.An agreement are reached for both sides to build a long-term corporate relationship, try best to transfer the theory into real productiveness, Professor Zhao pointed the zirconium phosphate has high value both in market and research field.

Professor Zhao, has years of experience in USA , involving in the R&D working towards the application fields of Zirconium Phosphate, and the result is quite positive and impressing. When Back to China, professor Zhao makes minds to let Zirconium Phosphate more popular among market, bring more benefits to society. Actually, This determination is also Sunshine staffs’ hoping. Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd always put clients needs as first, take social responsibility, bring the best quality Zirconium Phosphate to most needed customer.
Sunshine staffs are visiting the lab

After viewing and experiencing Sunshine’s sample, professor Zhao highly appreciated the value of Zirconium Phosphate.

In the lab, professor Zhao introduced her study direction for Zirconium Phosphate. To make surface area bigger, an agent will be put to thinner the layered structure Zirconium Phosphate. At that time, Zirconium Phosphate will gain a bigger surface area be tailor-made by different clients’ needs. Thinner Zirconium Phosphate can mix with other liquid, becoming transparent solution. This solution can be applied in polymer, not changing the color, capacity, state,etc.

At last, professor Zhao gave a brief presentation to the exactly application industries Zirconium Phosphate can involve. Listed below:
 For packaging industry, isolate oxygen and hydrogen
 For catalyst industry
 For coating industry, transfer physical absorption to chemical absorption
 For special coating, resist the ultraviolet radiation
 For water treatment industry

Through this trip, Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd strongly believe that, the demand of Zirconium Phosphate is promising, always listening the feedback from market, this will speed up the marketing of Zirconium Phosphate. Recently, Sunshine Factory keep working with universities, take efforts to transfer study theory into practical productiveness, on the way to be the leading manufacturer of Zirconium Phosphate the whole world.