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Sunshine Factory submit the application to the program of new material tech transferring into productiveness

As it known to all, once the new technology transferring into real productiveness, the pace of economic development will for sure speed up. This is a effective way to provide more job positions, encourage more R&D institutes, universities, enterprises shifting the theory angle towards the practical production power.

2nd, Nov, Ms. Wei, the GM of Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd, along with her team reported their new product----Zirconium Phosphate to Mianzhu ministry of commercial, having the two-hour report of how to transfer the technology into manufacturing process.
The experts highly appreciated Ms. Wei’s brief and clearly report. Especially for the muti-applications of zirconium phosphate, experts asked many details, like the production process, technology research and development aspects. Besides, when they noticed the zirconium phosphate can be used in hemodialysis, catalyst, polymer industry, they showed great interest in this material, also indicated they will support Sunshine Factory at a proper time later.
The same day afternoon, the investment director from CDHT, Mr. Li with Mr. Yang, the investment manager from angel foundation of Deyang, investigate Sunshine Factory’s latest automatic production line. Mr. Zhou, the CEO of Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd, had a summary of foreign sales team, the expansion of production line, the future strategical direction. Both Mr. Li and Mr. Yang thought highly of the our world-leading technology, a potential corporation will be signed in the later stage.
Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd, as the leader of new chemical material, its α-zirconium phosphate enjoy the great popularity among market cause of the specific standards and strict quality control. The visiting of Mianzhu government and angel foundation is the best prove of the this product can contributes a lot to the prosperity of market .
CDHTI Venture Capital Co., Ltd is one of TOP 50 Chinese local venture capital companies, the only enterprise from western China. With the support of CDHT, Sunshine Factory will speed up the pace to take more market share in zirconium phosphate industry.

Obviously, the main reason why Sunshine Factory gets government’s attention, is the mature technical support. From product research to lab experiment, from home to abroad, every aspect, Sunshine staffs are spare no effort to make better. We are always keep one thing in mind, for the production of Zirconium Phosphate, Sunshine Factory is the leader!