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Sunshine Factory Co., Ltd get the REACH permission, declaring its showing on European stage

Fantastic news always come along one by one, last week, the hemodialysis giant came to Sunshine Factory for the production of Zirconium Phosphate. This week, the star product, Zirconium Phosphate gets REACH permission,  From now on, Zirconium Phosphate has the free entrance to EU market, for exploring the brand-new EU market, obvious a historical moment for all Sunshine staffs.

It’s necessary to have a brief intro about this promising product. Zirconium Phosphate, as a new layered structure material, with its stable chemical capacities, widely applied in fields like Hemodialysis, Catalyst, Polymer, Coating, Water Treatment, Ceramics, Antibacterial industry, etc. More and more enterprises choose this material for a higher research, to make quality progress. Cause of the export quota, the amount can delivered to European countries is tiny, but the tough case solved by getting the REACH registration. That means, Sunshine Factory’s global market strategy is spreading wider and deeper.
Since the first trail production of Zirconium Phosphate, plenty of companies from home and aboard came to know Sunshine Factory, for its high quality product, strict quality control rules. With REACH, the Zirconium Phosphate for sure will become more and more popular in EU countries. Meanwhile, the high pace development draw some international hemodialysis giants attention. And in the first round discussion, majority of them are quite satisfied with the price and quality. Purchasing Zirconium Phosphate, Sunshine Factory is your best choice!