Sunshine is expanding more business in Australia

In order to rapidly promote the development of the external market of Zirconium Hydrogen Phosphate and promote the in-depth layout of the industrial chain of Sunshine Technology, recently, General Manager Ms Wei together with the sales manager Miss Fiona and R&D Mr Lemon arrived at Australia to negotiate further market development plans with Australian agent. Meanwhile Lemon aimed to train them on the properties and applications of Zirconium Hydrogen Phosphate.

Training site

After arrive at Australia, Ms Wei, Fiona and Lemon firstly visited the Australian agent company headquarters.

First of all, Lemon trained the agents on the characteristics of Zirconium Hydrogen Phosphate and its application fields.
Let us review the training site as below.

After the training, the agent expressed confidence in the capture of the Zirconium Hydrogen Phosphate to the Australian market and hoped that the two sides could establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

Visit their Factory

When the training is all finished, the major shareholders of the agent led Mr Wei and her party to visit their factory and show their strong strength.

Cross-border cooperation promotes Zirconium Hydrogen Phosphate market occupation.

Through this second meeting with Australian agent, the friendship between the two sides was furtherly deepened, and an in-depth cooperation model was launched to establish a win-win cooperation relationship.
This move will not only contribute to the development of the domestic market for Zirconium Hydrogen Phosphate, but also plays a key role in the structure building of Sunshine Technology.
We believe that with repeated cross-border cooperation, Sunshine Technology will give the market, customers, shareholders, and employees a satisfactory answer!

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